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Welcome to Tirelli & partners, a company with a vision.
We take care of you, your aspirations, and the assets you entrust to us.


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Our services for sellers

Listening to your needs

"Listening is the first step in a solid human relationship."

As we embark on this journey, the first meeting will address your inquiries about us, while the second will involve sharing an assessment of your home's value. Once you've chosen to collaborate with Tirelli & Partners, our focus will shift to you and your property.

To assist you in the manner you desire, understanding you, your style, and your distinct needs is essential. While no one knows your home better than you, it's our task to uncover a wealth of knowledge that often lies beneath the surface. 

What were the reasons behind its original purchase? And what reasons would prompt you to repurchase it today? Each home boasts unique characteristics, and our primary duty is to recognize and subsequently communicate these to all potential future buyers.

Presentation of data and information

"Without data, you are just another person with an opinion."

Since 2003, we have been regularly publishing the Exclusive Residences Observatory every six months.

This comprehensive report, encompassing over 100 graphs and tables, highlights the recent trends in the Milan real estate market and compares them to the patterns observed in the past nine semesters.

These extensive data sets will be interconnected with the distinctive features of your home. Together, we will define the most suitable sales process and strategy to fulfill your objectives. This phase will also encompass the collaborative development of the agreement that will delineate the terms of our partnership.

See our light version of the Observatory

Document collection and due diligence

"A pound of prevention is worth a pound of cure."

Collecting all the documentation pertinent to your property represents a critical undertaking. This step enables us to ensure its legality and apprise you, prior to listing your home, of any necessary measures and their associated timelines. Our in-house technical team will meticulously undertake due diligence on your property, resulting in a comprehensive final report.

Certainty that all is in order will enable potential buyers to circumvent distractions and needless concerns that could mar a confident purchase decision. This phase culminates with the signing of the agreement.

Undertaking the role of your advisors constitutes a significant responsibility for us, one that we will fully embrace to aid you in attaining a successful sale, minimizing stress along the way.

Make-up and marketing actions

"Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes buyers feel smart."

After signing the agreement, we will embark on a collaborative journey to get your home ready and appealing to potential buyers, following the previously agreed-upon action plan. Entrusting the presentation of your property to specialized professionals within our team (photographers, videographers, copywriters, etc.),

we will work together to craft a captivating narrative. We've outlined the specifics of these endeavors in-depth on our dedicated page, which we invite you to explore.

Governing the sales process

"The key to success is to manage processes, not just results."

Marketing efforts are designed to reach potential buyers and pique their interest, but alone, they don't seal the deal. Making a decision is about narrowing down from a world of infinite possibilities to a single choice.
It's a highly stressful endeavor that buyers often unconsciously try to avoid.

This is why it requires capable professionals to guide and support individuals through a step they desire to take but might be hesitant about. Throughout the entire sales process, we take charge of managing questions, emotions, and concerns, steering everything towards generating purchase offers.

Generate reports and information for you

"Trust is a cathedral built on continuous and transparent communication."

Our commitment includes providing written updates and biweekly information on the progress of the business activities. This will encompass details about the actions taken, the number of calls and appointments made, as well as the status of negotiations.

We aim for you to be consistently informed, enabling you to feel content not only with the sales process but also with the final outcome.

Negotiation of purchase proposals

"Negotiation is the art of letting someone else do it your way."

Each purchase proposal is the outcome of a negotiation process between the bidder and the real estate agent.

As veterans in the luxury real estate industry with over 2,000 transactions successfully closed, we possess an extensive understanding of property transactions and a high level of confidence in managing negotiations.

Preliminary contract and deed

"Success is the sum of the details."

Once you've accepted a purchase proposal, we will take care of managing all the details related to the preliminary contract and the final deed, ensuring that the path to closing is smooth and seamless. We'll be by your side until the conclusion of the sales process, providing assistance and support in every small or big task.

Entrusting your home to Tirelli & Partners means choosing personalized consultancy based on listening, expertise, care, and dedication. For us, closing is not the end but rather the beginning of a new relationship and the start of new possibilities for connection.

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Unveiling Tirelli & Partners' vision and values through the artistry of Giuseppe Stampone

We have turned to art to narrate our reality, our values, the passion, and the care we invest in every aspect of our work

Luxury residences report

Since 2003, we have been publishing the Luxury Residences Report on a biannual basis. Featuring over 100 graphs and tables, the report showcases the Milan market trends over the past six months and compares them with the previous nine semesters.


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